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They say people that use Lamnapay feel happier than ones that don’t

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Easy registration

Creation Lamnapay account is very easy. Press the button “Register” and follow simple steps. Only a few minutes keep you from the Lamnapay account

No fee maintenance

Completely free usage of the Lamnapay. No need to pay for registration, transactions or anything else. Just use it

Rapid operations

Using Lamnapay you may make sure that our transactions usually take just few minutes or even faster.

High level security

Personal information and payment data that pass through your account are securely protected by specially developed technologies Lamnapay

Lamnapay is

Your user-friendly
wallet account

We always develop our product for you to be easy-to-use. That is why our wallet is possible to use via PCs, tablets, and phones

Your completely free
wallet usage

You don’t need to pay for the usage of Lamnapay. Registration, making transactions, and maintenance are completely free

Your international
transactions and payments

Make transactions all around the world. Everything you and your recipient need is Internet and electronic device

Your online tech experts
support team

Don’t hesitate to write us your questions. You can do it via the contact form or directly to your email [email protected]

Your data
privacy and security

Our security technologies and algorithms continue to develop to keep up with modern Internet requirements

Your transaction

All information about your transactions and balance top-up operations you can check via the transaction history page






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